Dr Stravinsky


Estate atento,
¡no paramos
de hacer cosas!

The Clumsies leave their mark on Dr. Stravinsky

In Barcelona, the Barcelona Cocktail Experience and the opportunity to enjoy the best bars and bartenders in the world in the city have been eagerly awaited. At Dr. Stravinsky we had the opportunity to host, on the night of October 2, Nick Sourmpatis and Georgia Georgakopoulou, head bartender and manager of The Clumsies, listed at number 4 on the World’s 50 Best 2021 list, and who finished at 19th place at the gala held a few days later. They delighted us with some of their most emblematic creations such as Intimacy or #Not so luck, from their current menu, “Feelings”, which explores all the emotions felt in a bar.